Chronicles coverChronicles of Air and Dreams

Rosa Martha Villarreal

Archer Books
239pp. Hard Cover 5˝" x 8˝"

ISBN 0-9662299-2-4
First Edition

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A Mexican-American archeologist and her family are caught up in the legends and myths of their Aztec and Maya heritage. The story shifts between present day and the 16th century, and between dreams and reality. At once a ghost story, a romance, and a mystery, this novel is unique in its presentation of a modern Mexican-American family.  (Click here for sample chapter)


"After an Aztec pyramid collapses around her, Mexican-American archeologist María Elena Vázquez finds herself and her loved ones possessed by unavenged, centuries-old spirits in Chronicles of Air and Dreams. The conquistador Cortés's interpreter Malintzín, along with Cortés and Malintzín's younger son, take over the lives of María and her friends and family in order to reenact their ancient conflicts. Mexican-American author and activist Rosa Martha Villarreal (Doctor Magdalena) tells a sensational story of love, mystery and visionary experience in straightforward prose, while including politics, religion and violence in ancient and modern Mexico."
—Publishers Weekly, 9/99

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